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Updates to our Support System
Posted by Stephen Barnard on 25 February 2019 10:22 AM

We are in the process of moving our Ticketing System to an updated instance of the same software.

Synbiosis Support is the first email queue to be moved over, with the others to follow.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to transfer the existing database or users and tickets.

This will have several implications :

1 : All Users will likely get a new "Thank you for registering" email, even though you may have had one before.

2 : Users will need to create new accounts, because account details/avatar images have not been ported over to the new version.

3 : Tickets already in progress will be merged into the new system and be given new ticket numbers.  We are doing our best to connect the old ticket number to the new ticket number in our records, to avoid confusion.

4 : Previous tickets will not be accessible from the new instance.  We intend to keep the old instance running for the foreseeable future, so we can refer back to it as required.

If you notice any problems with the new instance (missing logos, etc) please let us know!

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GeneSys v1.6.5 released
Posted by Simon Gough on 26 November 2018 03:54 PM

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of GeneSys (v1.6.5) has been released.

Some of the changes are:

- Added new lens option (F0.8)

- Added option to view sizing in inches

- Minor bug fixes

You can download the software updater from  here

Please disconnect the camera USB cable from the PC before installing the updated software.

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In the past 24 hours it has come to our attention that Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10/11 may cause camera connection issues with the Synoptics FlexCam models of camera that are used in the Syngene GBox F3, InGenius3 and UGenius3.

GeneSys will display the "connecting to camera" icon and stay that way indefinately.

Kaspersky has a "Block access to video capturing devices" function which can block these cameras.

To disable this function :

Open the Kaspersky Security Dialog by clicking on the "K" icon in the Windows Notification area of the taskbar.

In KES 10, select the Settings tab.  In KES 11, select "Protection Components", then "Application Control".

In KES 10, Select "Endpoint Control", then "Application Privilege Control", then "Applications".  In KES 11, Select "Essential Threat Protection", then select "Firewall", then "Application Rules".

In either package, scroll down to find "Low Restricted".  Right click on "Low Restricted" and select "Group rules".

Select the "Rights" tab.  Scroll down to "Suspicious system modifications" and set "Access to video capturing devices" to "allow".

Press "ok" to return to the main screen and press save.

Restart your image capture software and the camera should function as normal.

We have no reports of other AntiVirus packages causing any problems, but they may have similar features.

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Issue with sending reports to Office "Personal" 2016.
Posted by Stephen Barnard on 01 May 2018 11:51 AM

There have been reports of Syngene and Synbiosis software packages being unable to export reports to Excel.

After some investigation, we have discovered that Microsoft Office "Personal" 2016 is the Office package in all of these cases.  The "Personal" edition is an "app".

Microsoft have completely separated "programs" and "apps" in their operating systems, meaning that our "programs" cannot communicate with their "apps" effectively.

When pressing the "Export to" or "Send to" buttons in any Syngene or Synbiosis package, our software packages will create the report file and save it to the hard-disk correctly, but are unable to then start Excel to open the file.

This appears to be how Microsoft has designed the Office Apps and we have no way around this.

If you navigate to the exported file's location, you can then double click on it to start Excel and the report will load normally.

More expensive versions of Office, such as Enterprise or Professional, should respond normally.

Open Office is also unaffected.

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Update (2016-10-06): The issue described below has now been resolved by Microsoft.  Please see this knowledgebase article for the permanent fix.

It has been discovered that a recent update to Windows 10 (known as “Anniversary Edition”) has made problematic changes to Windows code that is used by many camera manufacturers.

Several models of Syngene hardware are affected.

  • G:BOX F3
  • G:BOX F3-UK
  • InGenius3

These models are all affected by this update and will display “camera not connected” on the home screen status icon.

The U:Genius3 model uses the same code, but runs Windows 7.  If a UG3 is updated to Windows 10, there are issues with the touchscreen in addition to this camera problem, but as long as the unit is not updated to Windows 10, no problems should be encountered.

OEM systems based on the above systems will also be affected.

Syngene are looking for a solution, in conjunction with the camera manufacturer and Microsoft.

If you are experiencing this issue please submit a ticket in our support helpdesk.  We can advise you of the short term options you have to work around this issue.  We can also respond to your ticket at a later date when a permanent fix has been made available.

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