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Issue with sending reports to Office "Personal" 2016.
Posted by Stephen Barnard on 01 May 2018 11:51 AM

There have been reports of Syngene and Synbiosis software packages being unable to export reports to Excel.

After some investigation, we have discovered that Microsoft Office "Personal" 2016 is the Office package in all of these cases.  The "Personal" edition is an "app".

Microsoft have completely separated "programs" and "apps" in their operating systems, meaning that our "programs" cannot communicate with their "apps" effectively.

When pressing the "Export to" or "Send to" buttons in any Syngene or Synbiosis package, our software packages will create the report file and save it to the hard-disk correctly, but are unable to then start Excel to open the file.

This appears to be how Microsoft has designed the Office Apps and we have no way around this.

If you navigate to the exported file's location, you can then double click on it to start Excel and the report will load normally.

More expensive versions of Office, such as Enterprise or Professional, should respond normally.

Open Office is also unaffected.

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ProtoCOL3 V1.2.9 released
Posted by Simon Gough on 19 October 2017 08:02 AM

We’re delighted to announce the release of the new V1.2.9 for the ProtoCOL family.


This release includes :

  • ProtoCOL 3 HD
  • Updated breakpoints for EUCAST and CLSI for 2018.
  • Improved detection of SRD plate wells in Auto Detection.
  • User Login/Logout record added to audit trail.
  • Lab M media plates added to chromogenic module.
  • Updated calculation of alternative mean count per ml for dilution series.

The update can be downloaded here:

ProtoCOL 3

Protos 3

Acolyte 3

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