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Updates to our Support System
Posted by Stephen Barnard on 25 February 2019 10:22 AM

We are in the process of moving our Ticketing System to an updated instance of the same software.

Synbiosis Support is the first email queue to be moved over, with the others to follow.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to transfer the existing database or users and tickets.

This will have several implications :

1 : All Users will likely get a new "Thank you for registering" email, even though you may have had one before.

2 : Users will need to create new accounts, because account details/avatar images have not been ported over to the new version.

3 : Tickets already in progress will be merged into the new system and be given new ticket numbers.  We are doing our best to connect the old ticket number to the new ticket number in our records, to avoid confusion.

4 : Previous tickets will not be accessible from the new instance.  We intend to keep the old instance running for the foreseeable future, so we can refer back to it as required.

If you notice any problems with the new instance (missing logos, etc) please let us know!

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