Networking a NuGenius/Smart5/GelONE
Posted by Stephen Barnard on 12 October 2020 02:57 PM

Issue : When trying to set up the networking function on a NuGenius/Smart5/GelOne system, you receive an error when trying to leave the "Location" screen.

Cause : The unit is unable to validate the location you have input.

This is likely caused by one of two reasons :

1 : The "Share" field has been filled incorrectly.

2 : The Share location has not been set to allow the unit/logged in user to have write access.

Solution :

The "Share" field should start with a "\" character and any folder progression is shown by additional "\" characters.

This is the OPPOSITE slash character to that which would be used in a Windows system.

For example :

Windows Server Share Location = //hogwarts/slytherin/snape

NuGenius/Smart5/GelOne Fields :

Server = hogwarts

Share = \slytherin\snape

With regard to permissions, the unit does not need anything special, just read/write access to the share location, for the user that has been input into the Username field.

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