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ProtoCOL 2 Zone FAQ
Posted by Keira Davies on 28 July 2016 04:48 PM

Please note: the ProtoCOL 2 is a discontinued product.  Please do not assume that the information below applies to our more recent ProtoCOL systems.

What is the maximum size plate that the ProcScan can measure?

The ProcScan can measure plates up to 300x300mm.

What if the zones we need to measure are irregular?

ProtoCOL 2 Zone overcomes the issue of irregular zones by detecting the area of the zone and then mathematically calculating the diameter.

Can my results from ProtoCOL 2 Zone be transferred into a statistical package?

The results produced by the ProtoCOL 2 Zone can be transferred to Excel (optional extra). In addition, ProtoCOL 2 Zone can be configured with Combistats templates to export data into the Combistats package.

If I have ProtoCOL 2 Zone can I add the count module?

Yes, the count module can be added at anytime. Contact Synbiosis or your local dealer.

How is data stored on ProtoCOL 2?

All measurement data is automatically saved to a Microsoft SQL Server database. Images are saved to file, but can be stored in the database if the system is upgraded to use a remote database server.

Does ProtoCOL 2 provide an audit trail?

A full audit trail is available within the ProtoCOL 2 software. This can be details of a change made to a particular batch, or a complete audit log of every batch on the ProtoCOL 2 unit.

Can the ProtoCOL 2 Zone be connected to a LIMS system?

The ProtoCOL 2 colony counter can be connected to a personal computer, or LIMS system, using the serial port contained on the ProtoCOL 2 system. Four data formats are available, from simple plate Id and count per ml, to every item of data stored for each plate.

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