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UGenius : BIOS Battery
Posted by Stephen Barnard on 22 September 2015 09:12 AM

If the UGenius unit fails to boot then the BIOS battery may be failing.

If the voltage of the motherboard BIOS backup battery is less than 3.0V then replace it. (CR2032 3V coin battery)


Connect an external monitor to the DVI connector on the back of the unit and a USB keyboard.

Turn on the UGenius.

The external display should show the BIOS display.

Press delete to enter the BIOS settings

In the advanced BIOS settings set the first boot device to be Harddisk, Disable the 2nd and third boot devices.

In the Advanced Chipset settings set display type to “LCD and DVI” and Set the LCD type to “01”.

Save the settings and exit

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