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Mac OS X Compatibility
Posted by Keira Davies, Last modified by Keira Davies on 17 January 2017 12:58 PM

We do not officially support Mac OS X, however there are some methods of getting some of our software to work with Mac computers.  This knowledgebase article provides an overview of those methods and the level of compatibility that the Syngene software has with them.

We will endeavour to assist customers with Mac installations.

Syngene Mac Compatibility Chart

The table below shows the methods available to make software work on Mac OS X.  You can see from this table which methods work with our software (GeneSys & GeneTools) and which don't work.

Native App (A real Mac OS X Application)

Windows Compatibility Layer (CrossOver)

Virtual PC (Parallels)

Dual-boot (Bootcamp)

GeneSys Not possible Not possible Works* Works Perfectly
GeneTools Not possible Works** Works Works Perfectly

* Performance may be degraded with this setup.  Also: A technology called USB-pass-through is used to allow the virtual PC to use the USB connected camera and serial connected darkroom directly: this makes setting-up GeneSys more complicated, so it is not recommended for novice users.

** Some GeneTools export features (eg. Export To Word) do not function correctly.

Explanation of Above Technologies

Native App (A real Mac OS X Application)

Native applications are applications that are designed specifically for use on Mac OS X. 

Typically native apps integrate well the Mac, they run fast and they have the Mac look-and-feel.

Presently we do not offer native Mac apps, so this is not an option.

Windows Compatibility Layer (Codeweavers CrossOver)

This is a piece of software that allows a Windows program to run almost natively on Mac OS X.  This software acts like a translator.  It sits between a Windows application and the Mac OS X operating system and it translates messages from Windows speak to OS X speak and back again.

Typically, these apps will run at full speed, but some features may not work properly and the app will not have the Mac look-and-feel.

You do not need to install Microsoft Windows for this to work.  As such you do not need to purchase a Windows license.

Presently we provide some limited support for this using the Windows Compatibility Layer: CrossOver.  Please see this page for instructions on how to install GeneTools on Mac OS X using CrossOver.

Virtual PC (Parallels)

Using Virtual PC software, it is possible to run Windows and Mac OS X simultaneously.  First you would boot into Mac OS X (as usual), then you would boot into the Windows virtual PC while OS X is still running.

Presently we provide some limited support for using GeneSys and GeneTools with Parallels virtual PC technology. 

It is possible to setup the Parallels software so that it appears that your Windows programs are running directly on your Mac OS X operating system.  When setup this way your Windows applications (running in the Windows virtual PC) will appear in your Mac OS X dock.

Using a virtual PC requires that you purchase a Windows license.

Dual-boot (Bootcamp)

It is possible to install both Windows and Mac OS X on the same Mac computer.  You can then shutdown one and boot into the other.  Providing that the Mac hardware meets our minimum system requirements, our software should work perfectly and will be fully supported when running in Windows on-top of Mac hardware (using dual-booting).

Dual-booting Windows and Mac OS X can be achieved using Apple's Bootcamp technology.

Dual-booting requires that you purchase a Windows license.

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