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Is Wearable UV Protection Required When Using InGenius 3 and U:Genius 3 Darkrooms?
Posted by Keira Davies, Last modified by Keira Davies on 11 September 2015 02:42 PM

The InGenius 3, U:Genius 3 and U:Genius 3 EZ can all be used in conjunction with a medium wave UV transilluminator.  This transilluminator gives off harmful UV-B radiation, but when used inside one of these systems, it is safe to operate without wearable UV protection.  So, there is no need to wear UV goggles or skin protection.

These systems are designed so that harmful levels of UV cannot escape from the darkroom during operation.

When the door of the darkroom is opened the safety switch -- visible in the top right hand corner of the darkroom opening -- will be released and all power to the UV transilluminator will be cut.  The switch makes an audible click when the door is opened and closed.  This safety switch overrides the state of the UV control buttons, so even if you have forgotten to turn the transilluminator off before opening the sliding door, the transilluminator will still be powered-off as soon as you open the door.

Please ensure that the filter-tray is always present and fully pushed into the the camera assembly when you are using the transilluminator.  A small amount of UV radiation can escape if the tray is not present.

You should not power-on the UV transilluminator outside of the darkroom unless you are fully aware of the dangers and you have adequate wearable UV protection for your skin and eyes.

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