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ProtoCOL 3 Power Draw
Posted by Stephen Barnard, Last modified by Keira Davies on 18 August 2015 06:53 PM

ProtoCOL 3 Base Unit

Idle: 11W 29VA
On, (no lights): 26W 40VA 0.17A
Lights running test mode : 33W 47VA 0.2A
With all 3 lighting Rings set to maximum : 56W 67VA 0.3A

ProtoCOL 3 Plus Panel PC

While shutdown: 5W
Booting Up 60W
Windows Idle: 54W 57VA 0.23A
With P3 software running: 61W 66VA 0.27A

PC PSU rating: 100-240V 1.4A 50-60Hz

Total ProtoCOL 3 Plus power consumption with P3 software running and all 3 lighting rings set to maximum:
117W 133VA 0.57A

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