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How to connect and use a printer with ProReveal
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ProReveal can print details of a measurement on any model of Windows printer.

ProReveal screenshot

Install the printer onto the ProReveal unit, following the printer manufacturer's instructions and installation software.

It may be necessary to copy the manufacturer's software to a USB stick as the ProReveal unit does not have a CD drive.

Instructions to print a report for a single measurement:

  • On the Results tab, select one of the measurements from the list, then click the Details button to present the measurement details dialog.
  • Click the Export button, then select Print Report from the menu to present the Windows Print dialog.
    ProReveal screenshot
  • Select your printer from the drop-down list.
  • If it is necessary to change settings for the selected printer, click the Properties button to present the configuration dialog for that printer.
  • Click the OK button to print the report.

Instructions to configure ProReveal to print a formatted report as each measurement is made.

  • On the Settings tab, within the Export Reports box, click the Configure button and choose Configure Report Printer from the menu to present the Configure Report Printer dialog.
    ProReveal screenshot
  • Ensure that Print report for each measurement is checked.
  • Select a connected printer from the drop-down list.
  • Select from the list of fields to customize the report.
  • Additionally, you may further change the appearance of the page by clicking the Options button.
    ProReveal screenshot
  • Now go back to the New Test tab and make another measurement.
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