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How to collect log files from ProReveal unit
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The Collect Log Files facility is provided to help diagnose any problem encountered with the equipment during use in the field.

We can see all settings for your ProReveal unit, and its recent usage history.


Connect USB memory stick

Connect a USB memory stick to a USB socket on the ProReveal unit.

Collect log files

On the Settings tab, scroll to the bottom.

Within the About ProReveal box, click the Diagnostics button and choose Collect Log Files (ProRevealLogZip) from the menu to start the ProRevealLogZip program.


Alternatively when ProReveal is not running: from the Windows Start menu choose All Programs, then choose Synoptics, then choose ProReveal, then choose Support and click on Collect Log Files (ProRevealLogZip).

Save log files to USB memory stick

Click the "Save to zip file" button to save a .zip file to your USB drive.

Remove the memory stick.

Now take your memory stick to a networked PC and email this .zip file to “

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