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How to collect measurement data from ProReveal unit
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The Export Measurement Files facility is provided to help diagnose any problem encountered with the equipment during use in the field.

We can see your measurements exactly as shown on your ProReveal.

We might ask you to collect all the measurements from a certain date.


Connect USB memory stick

Connect a USB memory stick to a USB socket on the ProReveal unit.

Export Measurement Data

On the Settings tab, scroll to the bottom.

Within the About ProReveal box, click the Diagnostics button and choose Export Measurement Data from the menu to present the Export Measurement Files dialog.

Export Measurement Files dialog

Date range

Files are selected for export between a pair of dates.

Click on the left-hand date control to choose the first date of the range.

Click on the last-hand date control to choose the first date of the range.

If you want to export data for just one day, set both left and right-hand date controls to the same date.

The number of datasets ready to be exported is shown, together with the total space required on your memory stick.

Export Files Now

Click the Export Files Now button to choose a destination for the files:

Save As dialog

Navigate to the memory stick and click the Save to Folder button to write all the selected measurements[1] to the external device.

Remove USB memory stick

Remove the memory stick.

Now take your memory stick to a networked PC and email this .zip file to “


[1] Each measurement comprises a small data file plus two large image files in TIFF format, totalling about 8 Mbyte per measurement.

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