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ProtoCOL3 slow to respond when connected to a network
Posted by Allen Donald, Last modified by Keira Davies on 02 June 2015 10:56 AM

A customer discovered a number of the features of ProtoCOL3 were slow to respond when their PC was connected to the network. Features such as the login dialog and the about dialog took 30 seconds or a minute to appear. These times are consistent with one or more network timouts. It appeared the delays were due to the dialogs attempting to communicate with the internet and the unusual network setup of the site. Specifically we would expect "Automatcially detect settings" to be off and this was switched on in this customer's case.

Below is the customer's final response:

I installed ProtoCol3 on a blank windows 7 installation within my office and performed some tests. All performance tests looked good also after the connection to the lab network, the dedicated domain and the network drive (letter Z). As a final tests I wanted to test the PC with the equipment in the lab. After I connected the new installed PC to the lab device some additional drivers were automatically installed (USB to Serial adapter, COM port 4 and 5). After the installation of this drivers I tried to start the software again and now we had again the delay during start, login and showing of the "About" dialog. I further investigated the issue and checked the firewall log which is installed in between the PC network card and the LAN. Within the log I saw that during the start, login and opening of the "About" dialog the system tries to access the internet. Due to the domain join the system therefor tries to connect to one of our DNS servers configured within our dedicated domain on port 80. As the local hardware firewall is in between the network card of the PC and the LAN this connection can't be established. After we opened the port 80 on the local hardware firewall the system started as expected but this isn't allowed within Novartis as the firewalls are used to secure the different lab systems within the same network and opening port 80 would be a higher risk that malware could affect other systems. After some additional checks we were able to solve the issue by removing the option "Automatically detect settings" in the "Local Area Network (LAN) Settings" of the windows 7 machine. After disabling this function the system started quickly and also a login was possible. Therefor this issue can be closed on your end. Thank you very much for your support.

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