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GeneSys 1.5.7 Released
Posted by Keira Davies on 16 December 2016 01:25 PM

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of GeneSys (v1.5.7) has been released.

Some of the changes are:

  • Features added for stain free multiplex capture.
  • Buttons added to set zoom from a saved file.
  • Fixed issue where the print report feature printed a blank image if print preview was switched on in a basic report.
  • Updated camera drivers.
  • Fixed multiplex memory bug.
  • Fixed 3D image printing bug.
  • Updated status icons.
  • Microlitre symbol can now be added to annotation text boxes.
  • Multiple annotation text boxes can now be edited at once.
  • Annotation text box sizes now carry forward to next box.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for save and print.

You can download the software updater from here.

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Update (2016-10-06): The issue described below has now been resolved by Microsoft.  Please see this knowledgebase article for the permanent fix.

It has been discovered that a recent update to Windows 10 (known as “Anniversary Edition”) has made problematic changes to Windows code that is used by many camera manufacturers.

Several models of Syngene hardware are affected.

  • G:BOX F3
  • G:BOX F3-UK
  • InGenius3

These models are all affected by this update and will display “camera not connected” on the home screen status icon.

The U:Genius3 model uses the same code, but runs Windows 7.  If a UG3 is updated to Windows 10, there are issues with the touchscreen in addition to this camera problem, but as long as the unit is not updated to Windows 10, no problems should be encountered.

OEM systems based on the above systems will also be affected.

Syngene are looking for a solution, in conjunction with the camera manufacturer and Microsoft.

If you are experiencing this issue please submit a ticket in our support helpdesk.  We can advise you of the short term options you have to work around this issue.  We can also respond to your ticket at a later date when a permanent fix has been made available.

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ProtoCOL 3 V1.2.2 Released
Posted by Simon Gough on 16 August 2016 11:39 AM

The latest version of ProtoCOL 3 Software has been released.  The  update can be downloaded from here:

Changes in this release include:

  • Added "Do not show again" checkbox to dialog issued when adding/ removing colonies.
  • Added scrollbars to some button-panels if a low resolution screen detected.
  • Added Hardy Diagnostics to Chromogenic media suppliers.
  • Added new 150mm spiral plates for Eddy Jet spiral plater
  • CLSI breakpoints added to AST plate type.

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GeneSys 1.5.6 Released
Posted by Keira Davies on 22 July 2016 11:29 AM

The latest version of GeneSys has been released.  The GeneSys update can be downloaded from here.

The following changes have been made in this release:

- Added PXi 4 lens correction
- Unavailable options are now hidden for GeneGnome systems
- Lens defaults can now be cleared from the settings page
- Moved PXi 6A to the bottom of the list in installer
- Fixed bug where exposure time was sometimes changing
- Fixed memory printing bug
- Fixed Chemi sample positioning image being too bright
- Removed writing of diagnostic information that was causing darkroom to disconnect after prolonged operation

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GeneSys 1.5.5 Released
Posted by Keira Davies on 22 April 2016 04:22 PM

The latest version of GeneSys has been released.  You can download the software upgrade installer from here.

The following changes have been made in this release:

- Added lens field correction.
- Added hardware simulation mode.
- Added Export for publication feature: displayed image can now be saved as 16-bit tif and dpi can be changed.
- Added support contact e-mail address to about box.
- Fixed "camera cooler than optimal" bug.
- Fixed GeneGnome iris warning bug.
- Fixed histogram display bug.
- Fixed issue with Korean characters not displaying correctly.
- USB 2 is no longer supported on T:Genius.

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